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Repair Pavement Cracks with Driveway Sealer Rock-Tech Paving Ltd

Changes in temperature can cause the pavement to contract and expand and can result in unsightly cracks. These cracks allow moisture to penetrate through the surface, which may lead to failure. The cracks can extend, potholes can form, and the pavement can break down. The driveway sealers at Rock-Tech Paving Ltd can repair pavement cracks before they develop into a bigger problem. A relatively small investment in sealing could save you money in the future on larger repairs.

crack sealing

Benefits of Crack Sealing

  • Prevents sand, stones, and dirt from entering into open cracks 

  • Prevents water from entering and weakening the subbase and pavement 

  • Prevents or delays pothole formation

  • Reduces pavement damage from the freeze-thaw cycle

  • Cost effective maintenance option

Benefits of Seal Coating

crack sealing
  • Improve the appearance of new and old asphalt

  • Seal small cracks and rough areas

  • Protect asphalt from the sun, as well as harmful effects of chemical spills (oil, etc.)

  • Provides a smooth, clean surface for line painting

  • Prevents water from seeping down cracks and entering base material

Contact Rock-Tech Paving Ltd to repair pavement cracks.

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