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Pothole Repairs with Durable Asphalt

With extreme climates we see a lot of deterioration to roads and parking lots. Spring shows up and you may find a few new potholes have shown up with it. Delaying pothole repairs until the next year or season can sometimes lead to greater cost as the potholes can increase in size each year.

The asphalt experts at Rock-Tech Paving Ltd offer pothole patching services to fix unsightly damages. We love to make potholes disappear! We can remove the obstacle course in your parking lot so your customers, staff, and tenants can have a smooth ride. Our services include:

  • Hot mix pothole patching

  • Repaving or resurfacing

  • Hot tar crack sealing

  • Seal coating

We take steps to provide a quality patch when repairing your asphalt. We start by cleaning out the damaged area and edges (if present), using tack oil on the joints/edges, placing hot mix asphalt, and then compacting to finish it properly. We also only use hot mix asphalt to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Larger damaged areas can be resurfaced with an overlay of asphalt, or square cut out and repaved. The type and size of damage are always looked at to assess what type of repair is needed. We offer crack sealing and seal coating as they prevent further damage, thus delaying costly bills in the future.

We can also help fix your driveway. Do you find your garage is slowly becoming a few inches taller than your driveway and have a speed bump into your garage? We can patch your driveway to make it level or repair any other damage that has occurred over the years.

Contact Rock-Tech Paving Ltd to fix pavement damages for a smooth drive.

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